Welding vertices feature idea

Blender might be a very good tool to model easily, but its missing an important feature that could help all modelers. And that is welding multiple vertices that are separated from each other.
A very useful feature that exists in cinema 4d, where you select all vertices, and select the option “Weld points”
What really does is that it connects multiple vertices with the same location (4 vertices of each location) that are separated from each other.
If this tool would make it to blender, I would be very grateful.

EDIT: So remove doubles does the same thing like the optimize option.
If only I would’ve known earlier about it, cause I didn’t really knew what was it actually doing
Oops :sweat_smile:

“Remove double” what a name. Newbies will never know what this is lol


Welding vertices in Blender is harder.
I’m talking about “ALT+M” Shortcut, which is too far on keyboard.
In industry, we use welding features a lot (for optimization low poly models).
In Maya its SOO Buggy.:disappointed_relieved: But as a tool its more user friendly. And Blender could have welding as a tool too.

Maya Target welding tool: https://youtu.be/ZAMxrlWjsUc?t=142

yep, i changed mine to ‘Alt+W’ and called it (A)lternative (W)elding…maybe now with the introduction of Active Tools we can have a more robust tool in the future.

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This would be a fine tool (if it would not be as buggy as it is in Maya) :blush:

But you can use snapping with vertex option enabled. For single vertex it will be the same. Or you can use this addon if you want “maya-like” visual style https://github.com/Stromberg90/Scripts/tree/master/Blender
It tries to mimic maya target weld tool, but only works for single vertex too. Hold left mouse button and drag to weld and right mouse button to exit the tool.
Thanks to this guy.

Yep, would be awesome to have it as default.
It lacks little of visual interpretation but that is it.

Thank you

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in cinema 4d, you can weld the vertices by just hovering the mouse to one of the verts, or hovering the mouse on empty space for a center merging.
blender could have this feature aswell

For Welding more then two verteces you can just click on them like you normally would and click some button. (in settings)
With a tool, you can hold ALT (or some other shortcut key) to weld to At center.

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Why using an addon working on a single vertex when, by default, there is an auto-merge editing option under Options popover of Edit mode that is working on all vertices ?


As an option, it is far superior than as a tool. It works whatever tool is used. You can merge vertices by doing a translation, a scaling or a rotation.

I use a shift+W for the “at last” option for merge.

And talking about Remove DOubles, the lack that I have with it is that it merge the vertices in one of the vertex sites, not in the middle.

I think it should be named Weld Tool then and function like a select tool but run the welding/mergin operation on hitting the enter key or something like that. Or the widget might even have a graphical element then that can be pressed for the weld action.

crated new post on right click select

Do you know about Blender’s AutoMerge? Used together with vertex snapping it seems like it’s more or less what you are after.

Supposed idea is for the weld tool to be more easily usable without having to fiddle as much with all the settings I guess.

Personally I find automerge annoying to use for the simple reason that after going through the menu(in 2.79 and previous, now it’s in a popover, kind of a menu too) and enabling it, once I’m done using it half the time I forget it on and then run into issues becaused of it later. The good thing about the tools system is that once you are done with the tool you are guarantied to switch away from it and can safely forget about it. Thats just elegant.


I believe we are in a case of non-problem.
At most it could make everything a little clearer for new users

the “remove doubles” is changed to “merge” by distance ,this is much clearer for all users in general and it’s in the merge menu too…a small step for better welding in blender :slight_smile:


The problem is that remove doubles don’t do “merge” in reality only pick 2 vertices and decide to fuse one with the other.