Welcome to Paper Cuts

We would like to collect a list of UI papercuts in this thread for reference.

What is a Paper cut?

A small, isolated problem that makes using Blender annoying. In October 2018 a paper-cuts thread was made but it got too large to be readable, that’s why we created this category to split paper-cuts into small different threads.

Posting Yours

  • Simple title.
  • Use tags to categorize.
  • Include Images / Videos
  • One paper-cut per thread.

This category is not for large feature requests or lots of back and forth about the general interface and paradigms. Please keep each thread simple and short.

Here’s a quick template, replace the text in it.

Describe the situation in which you get this paper cut.

Optional. If you have an idea how to solve it, please write it here.

Making it Happen

When a paper-cut is confirmed and a solution proposed, module owners will create separate tasks in the Developers portal. This will make it easy for the developers (including the community!) to focus on one small task at a time and get feedback on their patches.