Weird skeleton size in fbx + bad collision box size in unreal

Since yesterday, I’m having this weird issue with the collision box inside the physics asset in unreal. Even though the collision boxes didn’t generate well, like they always do, I wasn’t able to scale them smaller than the mesh’s head size. (my character mesh is with separated body parts)
if I click on the skeleton, I see its set to 100 of size in unreal.
I tried the 0.01 units scale in the scene tab trick in blender, but that didn’t work 100%.
The skeleton WAS 1.0 of scale in unreal, but I still was unable to scale down the collision boxes smaller than the size of the mesh.
I’m using blender 2.8 with the april update.

The skeleton size is applied, but the dimensions are not really the same.
If I would try to write 2 on X direction in the dimension settings, that number will get multiplied.