Weightpaint Colors as Input

Hi, it´s currently not possible to access Weightpaint colors/information in the shader system.
It would be very useful, If you had that access, so you could use the Colorsinformation for masking etc.
Or just as a (still missing) way of visualising vertex groups in the viewport (like crease,sharp,bevel,seam)
would it be hard to expose that Information to the User?


Not sure what the devs think, but one thing we can do as a workaround for now is to use Geometry Nodes to convert a vertex group to vertex color. I think this might be helpful.

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Yes. I’m using the trick that @Eary described and it works. And also the opposite, convert a vertex paint to a vertex group via Geometry Nodes. But I agree with you, @jimmy.b we already have vertex colors… Having vertex groups make sense. It could be inside the node “geometry” in the shader editor.

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