Weighted Normals

Hi all,

I am a big time user of blender love the software! But at my work we use Maya, now I was noticing that the normals in Maya are different (better) than in blender. I found a plugin for this issue

Why is this not the default in blender? It would help a lot with modeling for games.


Modifier “weighted normals”

something like that add on its already in blender 2.8 beta, the modifier mentioned above and options in the mesh menu and in the bevel modifier.

actually Blender use the more standard vertex normal, the same that substance, unreal, unity, xnormal uses.
The weighted normals work good only for hard surfaces models.

Ah okay!
Thanks for the replies, i didn’t know that the modifier was supported in 2.8.
Yes the weighted normals work very well for hard surface modeling.