Weighted Normals Editing - Display Modifier Normals?

Currently when using the weighted normals modifier and applying my own face weights, I can’t display the normals direction of the modified normals until the modifier is applied.

It would make things much easier if I could click a button to see the pre-applied modifier vertex normals. Right now, the display vertex and vertex-per-face modes don’t help…

Is there any way we could display the vertex-per-face normals that update with the modifier before applying?



The New modifier is too great for this not to be adressed

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I think you could see your normals without applying a few months ago (with “adjust edit cage to modifier result” enabled). I used it, but not 100% sure. Probably something broke.
Edit: i think it was working before “triangulate” modifier got “keep normals” option. But i could be wrong.

Thanks for the reply. As far as I can see, it doesn’t look like turning “adjust edit cage to modifier result” changes the normal display information currently.

The normals in the picture should be completely straight/vertical, but they still show the old normals.


Well, i said “could” see, i remember it was working some time ago. Now it doesn’t. And suggested that keep normals option was added around that time. It could be related, i don’t know, i’m not a programmer.
If you know coding maybe you could see if it is related.
Edit : but i think it wasn’t working good anyway. When i was using bevel modifier and weighted normals mod. after it wasn’t working. I think because “adjust edit cage …” option disappear if you do that. So it wasn’t so helpful anyway.

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