Website issues

Near the bottom of ( ) in the “Try It Yourself” section, it still has a button to download the release candidate.

On the home page ( ) there are a number of places that use “2d” and “3d” where the “D” is not capitalized. For consistency, and to not look weird, these should be turned to “2D” and “3D”.

Also, for consistency, “Story Art, drawing 2d in 3d” should become title case: “Story Art, Drawing 2D in 3D” and “Make it your own” should become “Make it Your Own” because all the previous ones are title-cased.

At the very top left of the download button, “Open Source 3D creation. Free to use for any purpose, forever.” I don’t think “Open Source” should be capitalized as title case, so “Source” should be made lower-case as “source”.

One final note, this is just a suggestion so feel free to ignore it if you disagree, but I might suggest changing the title of the “About” box (next to the “Get Involved” box) near the top of the page so instead of saying “About” it says “Meet Blender”. I think that would seem a little bit less of a generic wording choice.

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Thanks and congrats on the 2.80 release!

1 Like also has a try blender 2.8 button which links to rather than the final release.

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Thanks for the feedback and suggestions!

Regarding the About and Get Involved sections in the homepage, we are thinking on removing/rewriting that whole section to give more emphasis to the news articles. That block of text is legacy from many years back when Blender wasn’t so widely known as it is nowadays.

Thanks again, we are always open to text improvements or mockups. Keep 'em coming!

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Awesome, thanks! One more thing, it’s really hard to read the “Join the Development Fund” section because its text has very little contrast from its background. Can you find a darker background image (maybe the space looking one that was used in the splash screen during the beta?) or at least darken the text?

There is a similar issue in the section below on tablet and mobile devices where the white text overlaps the bright orbs in the background and makes it unreadable, so adding this style is subtle but helps fix the problem: text-shadow: 0 0 8px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.5);

Fixed it. We will redesign it soonish but for the time being the color at least is now readable.

Thanks for the feedback!

Not sure where exactly to put this, but this seems close enough. :slight_smile:

I’m trying to change my Email Address on via the “Edit Profile” page.
But all I get is “Internal Server Error” when I click “Save Changes”.

Is that not working or am I missing something?

At the moment and for the last 4 days, I have not been able to access the Python threads as a collective, the website just hangs and does nothing, every other area works fine. This is on macOS and Safari.

Cheers, Clock.

Bumping this again, because this still doesn’t work. Probably nobody even noticed.[quote=“MichaelHermann, post:6, topic:8608, full:true”]
I’m trying to change my Email Address on via the “Edit Profile” page.
But all I get is “Internal Server Error” when I click “Save Changes”.

Is that not working or am I missing something?

“User Feedback” category seems to have disappeared for a couple days now on macOS 10.14.5 Mojave, using Safari. Working on mobil devices.

Maybe I’m doing something wrong, not sure.

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Same problem here with mobile and desktop…

Looks like that category got muted in last update.


Good to know, thanks! It was posted under user feedback, that’s why I missed it probably :smiley:

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