VSE problem: vertical scrolling clamped to channels containing strips (Blender 3.2)?

Something I noticed on the VSE is that I can’t scroll vertically to see more channels than initially appear on a normal split window.
I can see about 8-9 channels but if I want to reach channel 50, I can’t just scroll vertically as the scrolling is clamped to the scope of the channels that contain strips.

A workaround is obviously to put a placeholder strip on channel 50 so I can get more range, but it leaves too much empty space for nothing.

(As a sidenote, to put a strip on channel 50 you have to move it upwards without seeing anything… not very convenient!)

Is there a way to bypass that clamping and be able to scroll at will with no limitation?
(the same way you can scroll as much as you want horizontally)

You can disable the limit by going to View, and unchecking “Limit View to Contents”

Oh that was it! Thanks a lot…

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