Volume shader is being shown in the Data Passes

Hello guys.

I don’t know if it’s a bug or if I’m making a mistake. I’ll try to explain you the problem I’m facing.

I’m rendering a scene with a volume scatter shader applied to a box covering my whole scene to simulate fog. When I check the data passes the fog information is baked over it tinting my AO, Normal, Vector, Cryptomatte and so on.

I tried different values for the alpha threshold like 0.0, 0.5, 1.0 and nothing seems to solve this problem.

It’s kinda annoying and makes things problematic for post-production.

Any solutions?
Thank you very much.

Beauty render:

That’s weird, the volumetric information should have it’s own pass, doesn’t it? I can’t remember if this happens in 2.79 too but I’d report a bug, have you tried with a simpler scene?

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You could duplicate the Renderlayer and exclude the Mistbox for your data passes. That looks like a bug.

Yes, it should be in its specific volume render passes but it’s showing everywhere.

That’s a workaround. Not ideal because it’ll increase render times.

I tried last night on a simple scene (with the release candidate) and all the passes were alright, except for the Cryptomatte, which has some transparency apparently influenced by the volume pass, even if the material is solid. It must be a bug.

https://developer.blender.org/T66855 described better the problem here

I reported the bug too, let’s hope it is a bug and not by design. It was assigned to @brecht, so let’s wait for his answer :crossed_fingers:

Julian, It`s not by design, thanks god. It was already confirmed as a bug and the task was assigned to Brecht as medium priority. =)

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