Volume Scatter flickering in Viewport

There’s some flickering around objects, when a Volume Scatter node is attached to the Material Output. Any idea why that happens and how to deactivate it?

Here’s a screencast of the issue.

No ideas what this could be. I appreciate any suggestion. Maybe it’s a user error.

That’s just how it works, it takes multiple samples for the noise to converge and while rotating it shows just the first sample. In Cycles and path tracing this would be high frequency noise, in Eevee and rasterization you have low frequency noise like this.

Thanks for the answer. But here in Look Dev Mode, this just looks distracting and has no real useful visual feedback. I’d rather have it gone that looking like this. And it never goes away - even when the rotating stops.

I guess you are referring to the volume not being contained inside the mesh then? That’s a current limitation of Eevee, it fills the entire bounding box. If you need to volume there for Cycles you can create separate material output nodes for Cycles and Eevee.

If the limitation is current, than I will wait. I just wanted to be sure that you either are aware of this issue (which you are) or that I’m overlooking some setting to get rid of it.