Visibility Control

I know I might start a bigger discussion with this, but I’m asking it anyways. Maybe I was just overlooking something on my side in the end:

In earlier beta versions we had the famous four buttons in the outliner to control object and collection states, like selectability, viewport visibility, render visibility and collection instance visibility. To simplify the UI, this was refactored to three buttons only, with the viewport visibility button having three possible states. At the moment this is the UI for it:


While in UI terms this is neat, unfortunately we lost the ability to have collections and objects visible in the viewport, but hidden in collection instances at the same time. This was possible before and really handy for preparing and comparing technical packages in product development. You could always preview and compare all stages of a package (they update often) in one package file, but decide what other users on the team see and work with when they link that package into their design work files.

Is there something I overlook here, where this can be replicated quite easily? Or is this option really gone for good?

Coming back to the discussion now. The triple state of the visibility control has been removed a while ago now, and the filtering option takes care of visual clarity. But: The instance visibility button still also hides the original object as well, even though in the UI it is communicated otherwise. See this gif:

Are there plans to have the original idea back? I mean the possibility to have an object visible in the collection, but not in the collection instance?

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Haven’t looked much into this but maybe this helps?


Thanks for your comment. Not sure where you’re aiming at here though, these options only allow to filter the drawing of such items in the outliner. My question is about the 3D Viewport result after setting Instance Visibility or Viewport Visibility.

It’s just that the monitor and eye icons can be enabled. I thought that’s what you were missing. I am not sure if their functionality is different than previously.

The icon tooltip is “Globally disable in all viewports”.
There is no more mention of instances.

The behaviour corresponds to the tooltip. But you are right, we lost granularity.
Currently, Isolate option is broken. It hides all collections.
So, Dalai still have work to make things stable.
I doubt a “hide in instances” filter will popup before 2.80.
But that would restore some granulaity present in 2.79 group instances with dupli visibility layers.
As is that would be legitimate to have it in 2.80.

It looks like only alternative is to remove object from collection.
That would not be so much problematic if remapping users for collections was not deleting objects.
A bug with high priority to solve.