Viewport statistics are great, but

viewport statistics are great, but it would be handy if there was an option to show statistics of just the selected object, otherwise for heavy meshes you have to go into edit mode, which is extremely slow until blender gets more performant with heavy meshes.


You are not forced to go into edit mode.
You can simply hide everything that is not selected by pressing Shift H.

It’s possible to do that, but the only way to unhide it again without losing all your visibility settings for the other objects is to press ctrl z. This presents it’s own problems, because in circumstances when you want to try out different levels of subdivisions then you have to undo several undo’s using ctrl alt z. This takes even longer than going into edit mode.

A possible solution would be for isolation mode (numpad /) to only show statistics for the isolated object rather than the entire scene.

Possible but a really bad solution logicwise. It should really be easily possible to show statistics for the selected meshes.

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That is how it always worked.
Statistics are relative to visible objects in Viewport.

I talked about shift H.
But if you want something more ordered ; you can move selection to a new collection.
You would have statistics per visible collection.

That is probably a logic of developer wanting to debug viewport.
Statistics relative to selection would probably cover needs of a modeler better.

I’m not saying that there are no solutions or that this is new. It’s just always been over complicated design and should work differently.
It’s a reasonable thing to expect a display for the selected items only without needing to fiddle with visibility or collections.