Viewport Snaping


It seems to have a bug with the viewport snaping (alt + MMB)
When we use it, it changes the zoom of the ortho mode in some cases.

Also, It could be nice to make it work in full rotation.

wrong behavior

Expected behavior

it could be nice to be able to do this too.

I use an addon, cardinal mouse to do the same and with ALT + MMB that go directly in front view.
Right now on 2.8 we need to go in the side view and then go in front view.

So,why not make

  • ALT + MMB > Front View
  • ALT + DOUBLE MMB > Back View
  • SHIFT + ALT + MMB > Rotate View (Like in my last gift)

Cardinal mouse as an example.


I’m about to request 2d canvas rotation like feature and you posted this i’ll happy to see it in blender 2.8.

This is solved by addon

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I prefer make it perfect in Blender since it’s already there.