Viewport semi-transparent effect on the "Outline selected"

Can you please put an option on overlays to make the outline selected semi-transparent optional?
It distracts me a lot and takes the feeling of three-dimensionality away from the image, flattening it out in 2d. Also in edit mode it doesn’t happen and when you have several selected objects it doesn’t either.

More examples:

With multiple objects selected:

this is the real unadorned way (image 3):

My suggestion is to do something similar to 2.79 (image 4)
something like this clearer to see without semitransparency effects in the border line:

Thank you for your time.


I actually like the transparent outline, but i agree that it can be a bit distracting in the current form - i would definitively make it a bit more transparent. Maybe the user should have a slider to set the transparency?

Edit mode should be consistent with it, and i think transparent outline might come in really handy in edit mode.

I think it doesn’t apply in your multi-object-select-image as there is no non-selected object in front of it - if blender would show all outlines of each selected object with each other, this would lead to a mess of orange lines… so better just show the outline of the combined selection (as if it was merged with a boolean-modifier)

I agree! My topic Outline selected

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That would be very helpful indeed. I do find it distracting as well, I guess it really depends on the user needs. As it is a new feature of Blender, having a slider in the preferences would definitely be a good addition in order to make the user more comfortable with the software.

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