Viewport Menu selection feedback

When you bring up a menu, such as the specials menu by pressing ‘w’, and you select something from the list like remove doubles and then press ‘w’ again blender will remember your last selection so you can repeat the action quickly. This all falls apart if your mouse cursor is too high or low in the viewport. If its too low blender will remember the selection but because the menu didn’t have room to show up your mouse will be hovering over a new item in the list and it will select that instead.

I was hoping, that since blender supports scroll bars pretty much everywhere, menus that are created too high or low would simply be cut down to fit, a scroll bar would be added, and the previously selected item would remain selected. If you need to switch to another item in the list simply scroll your mouse wheel to move down the list and reveal the hidden menu items.

I think this is an important quality of life improvement that has been lacking for far too long. I was hoping it would be in 2.8 with all the new UI improvements but I haven’t seen anything about it.

I had remove doubles selected but since the menu was too low a new option is selected instead. If you are working fast this stops you in your tracks and forces you to go back through the menu looking for the item you actually need. It often forces you to undo an operation because you accidentally picked an option you didn’t want. Also, as someone with dyslexia that struggles with reading stuff off a list, to begin with, this makes things so much more difficult for seemingly no reason at all.

Maybe, move cursor a little will be a better solution for this? I don’t think, that cutting a menu and add a scrollbar is a right choice.

I believe adding a scrollbar would be a great idea

My ‘Add Mesh’ menu is so long, when I try to scroll down I almost always end up accidentally overscrolling, so I end up back at the top of the menu.
Then I have to carefully keep pressing the down arrow and reading each item that appears, coz a click down too much would bring me back to the top again

Why not? Its done literally everywhere else when scaling or moving around the UI, so why not for menus.

Working in blender requires bring up a ton of menus all the time. You shouldn’t have to memorize the size of every menu, make sure you have enough space for it every time you want to do something. Some of the menus are huge and If I’m working on my laptop I have very little screen space to work with. I’d rather focus on what I’m creating rather than keeping track of the cursor and doing mental calculations to figure out if the menu will fit.

Well first of all, you you don’t understand me. I suggest instead moving menu under cursor, move cursor to the needed position.

Why I don’t like this in menu: It’s horrible:

And you should do more clicks (or other actions like in GTK) to move menu and find an other command. And also, menu will look different every time, then you open it (it’s bad specially for beginners)

So, keep menu solid. Just move cursor.

I don’t think it’s possible for an application to change cursor position

You could do that but I think moving the menu is a better choice because that functionality is already being used everywhere else in blender. The menu already gets cut down if it doesn’t have space in the viewport overall it just doesn’t do it if its called too low to the screen. I imagine this would be an easy fix.

Take a look at this as an extreme example.

All of this functionality already exists. I don’t want the menus rewritten just improved so they function better and make it more obvious that there is more to the menu once it is cut off rather than just a tiny triangle at the bottom. I’m not a big fan of applications moving my cursor for me since that would make it easier to lose track of it or constantly force me to change position on my mouse pad.

Well, this functionality already exists in blender. Test Continuous Grab option!

Oooh, I see. I didn’t know that was what was happening, thanks!
It’s a really smart function

Thanks for the suggestion, but please use to propose it.