Viewport lighting for sculpt mode

So, what I noticed is that ever since, we never had a good support for sculpting, I love to sculpt in blender but with the new workbenck engine it will be painfull.

I like the random colors and overlays but the lighting scheme is odd, we’ll not have speculars and the diffuse shading is limited to the six global axis of the origin.

I think all the devs are focused on the hard stuff, like advanced shading and making viewport look pretty but are forgeting that it will wreck with the life of sculptors who need a viewport as fast as possible and with as much color, lighting and contrast freedom as possible also, just take a look at any other sculpting software, they all allow a full customizable view-aligned lighting scheme AKA, matcaps.

We had matcaps before, honestly I hated them, I never used because they are prebuilt, and I could not add my own. But I do use solid openGL lights and LOVE the fact that I can setup it at will.


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They added something like this in previous versions of 2.8, I hpe that will come back, the current shading isn’t as good as that.

They called it the workbench engine but told it were temporary after replacing with the new workbench, I think would not hurt at least keeping the old solid lights as a option, they are good enough for sculting and also freaking fast on GPU.

Specular is already there in workbench and (user defined) matcaps and cavity are planned. The workbench lighting is likely to be improved as well.

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Thx, I appreciate it!

Blender has a long path before becoming a industry standard, that surelly include making it a viable Zbrush alternative!

If everything goes OK, I am going to do my best to update my sculpting addon to 2.8, I’ll be happy in having to remove a lot of stuff from my addon, including the light presets if blender get those as native features (as matcaps).