Viewport grid units

I started a thread here requesting for the viewport grid units to be included back into 2.80. I even reported it as a bug and for a while, there seemed to be progress but it got silent shortly after.

After months of waiting, I posted a comment on Blender Today Live #63 in hopes of getting more attention.

Even after @mentioning developers there, the thread still got ignored so I’m leaving this here.

Please bring back the grid units.


Your report is confirmed, open and assigned to developer. It has Medium priority, so wait, it will be resolved. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, thank you for taking the time to read and reply. I appreciate it. It has been a long waiting game so far. I have simple needs, for me this is the only deal breaker for 2.80 so I’m quite anxious to get this included in master.

Hi, This is a very important feature for me in architectural modeling, especially for environmental modeling when you are zooming in and out all the time. It is rather frustrating when you think the grid is mm when it is actually cm. Please, can we make this a higher priority…

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I’m not the dev. i can’t do this. but i could assume it can’t be higher priority because its not critical. not crashing blender etc.