View Port Workflow Options

The view port options such as DEFAULT, ANIMATION, COMPOSITING, etc. are not in an order that supports my workflow. I can’t seem to find a way to reorder them to support my personal workflow such as LAYOUT, MODELING, etc. The only option seems to be to send a selected option to first or last on the list. This is not helpful.

Would like to be able to reorder them to my preferences–preferably by dragging in the order I’d like, or changing the order in a drop down menu as to the position from left to right.

I know developers have a lot on their plates, but at the recent conference the Blender team specifically showed a slide that the options could be put into a workflow order and the slide began with Layout, Modeling, etc.

If that capability does exist, perhaps someone can describe how it can be done. Thanks.

well right now you can’t do that, that functionality is not yet added it was a bit complicated…what you can do is order them by reverse, you send the ones that will be the last workspace u want to see to the front and it will automatically order the list then save it as your startup file.