VFX & Video module Feature plans for the future?

Are there any ideas for the development plan of the module? Or not enough request for features? or a thread to talk about it?

I guess the full move over from 2.79 is not really finished the auto tracker has not been ported.

Currently empty https://developer.blender.org/T69190

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It looks empty because it is a parent task that only contains 2 tasks as submodules.
1 for grouping 16 tasks to do about Video Sequencer module.
1 for grouping 5 tasks to do about Motion Tracking module.

So, at least, 21 improvements have been envisaged.


Camera tracking is not easy to use!

You have to get used to it but in general its one of the best camera tracker i know and hope to see some improvements in the future… One of the developer mention he has some ideas but i dont think he will get time for it anytime soon…

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