Vertex Weight - Mesh edit mode - Bone view & Select issue

  1. Bone is hidden in mesh edit mode and is invisible. I can work with Bonn Show.
  2. Let the user select a bone in the 3D viewport in Mesh Edit mode.


Vertex selection in the weight painting mode is too inconvenient.
I would like to be able to select the vertex like the mesh edit state.
if not
If possible, I would like to be able to adjust the weight value by allowing the bone to be selected in the mesh edit state.

PS: I always thank the Blender development team.

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Absolutely sympathetic and essential function

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I really need this! Please improve this function!

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I agree with the issue.
This problem must be fixed.

In 2.79, bone visibility in editmode works well.
I don’t know why After Blender changed to 2.8, the function to enable bone visibility in edit mode has disappeared.
The function helps more to identify which vertex groups are affected by the bone’s location

selecting bone in edit mode is also required.
It is more intuitive than pressing each vertex group on the property window.

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