Vertex colors for particles density map doesn't updates?

Isn’t Blender capable of updating a shifting vertex color map used for density area in particle system?
The particles remain being released based on the vertex colors map positions of the first frame.
Will Blender be capable some day? Is it capable yet?

Current particles system is not able of that. There is a plan to replace current particles by particles defined by nodes.It is currently developed into functions branch.
But in first place, that will only affect emitter particles.
A nodal system for hair will not be available before a long period.

Currently, you can not animate particles density through an animated vertex group. But you can animate visibility of particles children through particles textures.
B&W particles textures are not creating more or less particle guides than the ones that have been cached but their influence will hide or display some of their interpolated children particles in viewport or render.

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