Vector Displacement in Eevee

is there any plans for this, I imagine it would be possible through vertex shaders like in game engines (Unity, Unreal, etc…), is this possible or at least on to-do list?
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Just a thought on this. If is something like this to be implemented it would be just just a wrapper around the “parallax occlusion” technique. Only a UI thing for usability purposes and a little bit more optimized since the entire nodegraph is merged into a shader.

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Another vote for this.
Does Eevee have a vertex* shader? Isn’t that common in GLSL shaders? I’ve seen it in Shadertoy, Godot, Unity, Unreal (albeit its HLSL there)…
I find it peculiar if Eevee doesn’t have that since most game engine renderers have something like this.

Take this great example for instance:
It seems very inefficient to do this in geometry nodes, if it is rendered in Eevee. It’s very common for foliage animation to happen in the shader and have practically 0 cost in performance.

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Devs are aware EEVEE’s Future — Blender Developers Blog


Thank you. I was looking for that information before posting but didn’t manage to find it.

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