Various feedback items

There is some problem with adding files when want report bug, coz some objects can be deleted or data, but exist in “Blender file” - with some personal data, eg. linked files info, etc.
Eg. I copying often some example to new .blend file, but discovering that issue there is not observed… not so easy always.

Sometimes is problem with images :smiley:

  • You know, the time consuming to manage images files, prepare
  • Similar some mistakes with adding .blend files

Hope that this info and opinion can improve process and procedures, need some prioritization for some area to be more effective

I think that should exist some tool for team and more advanced users to see some GUI configuration from .blend files
I remember stupid case with Sync Selection that @Robert supported me in case was not bug… but config problem… and there is many this type crazy issues that coming from advance configuration

Maybe config file comparator to standard settings, exclude configuration area in other file or .blend to more easy analyze this?

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Also last time meeting crashing in some versions around RAM issue, in case exist stable version where these problems are not exist in case low parameters of hardware. In my opinion it’s often problem here, with “kill blender process” - on RCS was feature request for “Stop” to not “kill blender process” due no option to control some threads (eg. modificators, also scripts)

I’m testing render engines, etc. and I see here strange issues around memory management, I believe user cant recognize the problems around software problem not hardware. I’m little around IT and coding soo I see the points that are critical here.