UV unwrap could take object scale into account?

If you forget to apply scale before unwrapping, all the UVs are wrong!


I agree but I think there are probably a few more pressing issues. It’s an area that hasn’t seen much love over the last years.

For me the UV editor is missing:

  • more modern unwrap algorithms (I looove Modo’s adaptive sampling but I don’t know if that’s a common algorithm or not)
  • ability to iterate a selected unwrapping algorithm over a selection of faces
  • ability to set the number of iterations for the algorithm to be performed over the face/vertex selection
  • a packing algorithm like UVPackmaster
  • texel density sampling and applying

farther ahead I’d love if there was a way to maybe even set UV unwrap sizes viw vertex groups. For game models I sometimes like to give unseen areas of a model smaller UV space to give the prominent areas more texel density. Would be cool to also set this by vertex groups, maybe.

For feature requests the official channel is https://blender.community/c/rightclickselect/ though.

RCS works ok for big / complex feature requests. Smaller fixes really get lost there, though.
For sure it is a little depressing to see such little development on the UV editor.