UV Map Node doesn't respect UV Maps Order

Hi, it seems that UV Map Node sorts UV Maps alphabetically while it would be more useful if it kept the order of the UV Map Channels.

This results in this case of LightMap always being used first by default all the while it’s actually the second UV Map channel, so it has more supplementary function.

Also it would be very helpful if we had arrows to reorder UV Maps up and down.


Also it’d be great to allow users to set UV Set on UV Map node by index(in opposite to just string) via python API as well.


Yeap. Lack of that is problematic for people that uses uv order workflow rather than uvnames eg. everyone that i know :stuck_out_tongue: (gamedev mostly).

Something like that would be very useful.


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Exactly, the reason I posted here is that we have lots FBXs that(through the time) are edited by various artists using different 3D apps eg. one artist does all LOD0 meshes in Blender(UVSets called UVMap,UVMap1…) then later other artist continues adding lower LODs in 3DSmax naming UVSets UVChannel_1 etc.

Eventually there are plenty of meshes in FBX, that share the same material, but having their UVSets named different way. Before I start loading our game shaders(recreated in shader editor) I have to unify all the UVSet names(renaming them via python) so I don’t get name conflicts within UV Map node.

Yeah, that would do the job, thanks for sharing, I upvoted it right away.