UV face dependent extrusion

As some of C4D users know, cinema 4d has a special features that allow users to extrude pixels from textures (face of steve from minecraft for example) while keeping the color of that extrusion.

In blender you cannot do that without doing an edge split on all faces. And it makes the work alot harder cause after doing the extrusions and merging the vertices back, you also have to get rid of inner faces.

Here’s the gif example, watch how each face is keeping their own color, either individual extrude or by normal angle:

My notice is that in blender, after extruding a face, the sides are actually connected to the other faces that weren’t extruded, as seen in the UV Editor, while in cinema 4d, the sides are connected to the extruded face.

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Also the development policy is against showing features from proprietary softwares, so best to be smart on how to ask for features that work around blender.