Use global, local and custom axis together for transforms and snaps?

Will it be possible to use global, local and custom axis together for transforms and snaps?

This would be similar to MODO’s axis ‘center’ and axis ‘action’ (direction) modes, but more specific to enabling transforming on a local or custom axis while snapping to another element on a global axis for example.
(screen grab included)

I’m not sure If I understood correctly… but are you aware of “double-key” transforms? (I’m not sure what’s the proper name for it)
For example, if you press “G” then “X” once, you will translate an object on global “X” coordinates. If you press “G” then “X” twice though, you start moving the object on the custom selected transform orientation.
This is the box where you select the custom orientation:
Usually it’s by default on global, but if you change it to Local, for example, when you press “G” then “XX”, (or “YY” or “ZZ”) you will transform on the Local X coordinates of the face/vertex/edge/object/bone selected.

Hi Evandro,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes I’m aware of the double-key transforms and this is almost what I am doing here but the transform in this mode will snap perpendicular to the transform and not the global axis of the mesh - I was wondering whether local, custom and global axis transform and snaps could be combined to allow me to snap to global Y extent (right edge) of the box in the screen grab.

This is similar to how inference drawing works in SketchUp.

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The only way I can do this (as far as I know) is to extend part of the geometry as a guide, then align my element by eye to the extended geometry on its custom axis.

None of the current snapping modes will snap the edge (along its custom axis) to the face, edge or vertices of the extended guide geometry

Yeah in these cases I always do it by eye as well… which is unfortunate.

I believe this is the kind of thing that some developer must take time to add/fix amongst other issues, and right now with 2.8 right around the corner they are not willing to focus on details like this. Maybe for 2.81 or 2.82 when the major things are resolved.

Thanks Evandro.

I found a way to do this using the knife tool to cut where the two faces intersect.

You bring up the Faces tools menu and select Intersect (Knife)

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wow, I didn’t know that!! Thanks!

I just discovered this addon:

I may be wrong but it appears to be related to what you were looking for.

Nice, that looks like a great utility, and yes, just the kind of drawing and alignment tools I’m looking for.


Hey Evandro,

The Workplane is a great way to quickly grab and use a local axis but check this utility out, it’s an incredible toolset for grabbing coordinates and applying them to objects - Mesh Align Plus 4.0

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Amazing addon, thanks for sharing!