Usability issues often cause way more damage than bugs

With the recent changes in how bug reports are handled, it’s now almost impossible to report anything that’s not flat out crash/freeze/or something not working at all. This makes the entire group of issues which are often as, if not more damaging than bugs impossible to report anywhere.

Just the other day I’ve reported this and it was promptly closed:
No other software development group/company with at least little bit of care and passion for their creation ever ignores something like this.

Having input color spaces of your textures randomly changing as you browse textures/change filepaths can, and has caused tremendous amounts of damage. It’s not uncommon for a simple normal map swap to newer version to cause mayhem when you notice it’s all wrong because touching the texture path caused reset of colorspace to sRGB. This can often be noticed after several days of rendering on renderfarm worth couple thousands of dollars.

This is just one example of illustrating the wider point, that the issues should be handled based on their severity, or in other words how much damage can they cause to the user, rather than by if something is strictly a code error or not.

We have arrived at a paradox where Blender is going forward in code quality but stagnates in software quality. The mindset of leaving all the bear traps scattered all over the Blender as long as they are not code errors and therefore punishing user for not keeping 30 different exceptions and quirks in the back of their mind consistently at all times.

Determination to ignore this group of issues is the reason using Blender still feels like defusing a ticking bomb, despite all the 2.8+ development efforts.

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