Updates about Eevee and vulkan development

Hi there,
Please,if possible,
How can we get updates about the development of Eevee with Vulkan support.
link to repository or branch will be sufficient too.

thank you !

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Subscribe to those two tasks and you’ll have plenty of updates on both Vulkan and EEVEE


We are still in the design phase and experimental phase.
Nothing is actually working the current branch (tmp-vulkan) just shows a green screen when started with vulkan.

The near term goal is to have a design how to migrate the 1000 shaders so it can run on vulkan, opengl, msl and add-ons.

After the shader design the developments first go to finish up Eevee rewrite. Current challenge is the shadowing. Which is only available on a local branch. Hope we are able to show something early 2022.


Keep it in you mind EEVEE REWRITE IS PLANNED FOR 3.2 (Approx June 2022) and vulkan support probably in the same time if everything is OK Or 3.3

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Vulkan timeline hasn’t been confirmed, best not to mention any versions or dates. That will only confuse readers. First we need the shader design, before we can have an estimation. What is known is that when there is a first version, it will be an experimental feature. It would take several iterations to become stable.