Update Smoke Flow force field

I was watching some X-particle tutorials and applied them directly in blender and I’m very surprised by how the “old” blender particle system is very closer to x-particles for Cinema 4D. I’m able to follow a tutorial about advecting particles by a smoke simulation through Smoke Flow force field. But actually I found a bug and already reported here https://developer.blender.org/T75976 I want to propose an update for the very useful Smoke Flow force field. What I think is that will be nice to have smoke properties decoupled and exposed in the Smoke Flow force field. Now we have only the “Density” option as a checkbox but I think that others smoke properties would be useful like velocity, color, heat… like the image example…
Screenshot from 2020-04-21 15-19-50

I was able to do this before but can’t remember the blender version… but for sure it was the old smoke simulator…
This is what I mean - https://youtu.be/lw5aRCM7k_w?t=1184

Well, I found a very handy feature inside mantaflow domain and it’s the viewport display setting. It’s very similar to the Cinema 4D field option that turns the force field visible in the viewport for better understanding of what is going on.
In this frame example, you can see the velocity field being represented in the viewport. I’m wondering if it’s possible to see all the blender force fields like this.

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