Uniform UV unwrapping method with equal square size

When dealing with deformed mesh and UV unwrapping it, Blender takes the deformation of the mesh into account.

But sometimes, you dont want that.

Sometimes, you want a perfect uniform UV grid with no deformations at all.

Besides the unwrapping methods “Angle Based” and “Conformal” there should be a third option called something like “Uniform” or “Grid” where all quads have the same size and are not distorted in any way, like the picture above.

However, I haven’t got any ideas about the handling with N-gons yet, since the “Grid” or “Uniform” unwrapping method is obviously intended for quads only.

Disclaimer: I know, there is an addon called “UV Squares” that you can download and install manually, but despite the recent updates of the addon, it doesn’t work all the time. Either the addon does absolutely nothing or it outputs a python error. The addon only works sometimes. I haven’t found the exact cause of the problem yet, since the addon also once refused to uniformize the UV map of a simple cylinder or a cube with nothing but squares. No triangles, no N-gons, just squares.


blender2.82有关于任何uv的的修改吗,尽管blender的uv展开有了进本的功能,但是还是不够。比如,将uv对其到边缘;部分的松弛(max功能)(blender现在只能整体展开);堆叠类似uv壳,批量打直uv边(并不是 uv squares那样对圆柱的插件,因为普通uv使用会有很大的拉伸),我是 游戏工作者希望uv有更好的改善,非常感谢开发人员,你们都是最棒的。