Undo History Menu Feedback

If you select “Undo History” from the Edit menu you get something like the following:

The eyeball icon does not read to me as the Current step in a list of steps. This list could look like a list of steps with the current one at top or bottom with “Select” being special in some other way having to do with visibility.

And the “original” text at the bottom is also not very descriptive. “Earliest State” would work better, but seems a bit wordy. Any ideas for replacement text?

The icon to indicate the current step could be one of the following. Do any appeal? Personally, I just like the last little sphere as it seems to indicate “actively selected” well without giving too much other weight or meaning.


First one (arrow) and last one (circle) are both very solid.
Regarding the text, the ‘earliest’ concept seems to be the most accurate imo.
Great idea!

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Yes, the first one really works to say “this one in particular”. The only confusion it can add is looking like a direction. So if the history item was “Move” then it would look like “Move Right”.

Yes, but not sure about “Earliest State”. But I guess still better than “original”…

Why not try to have a colored text?

Anything in particular or do you just mean highlight the current item in some selected or active color? One problem is that it can overlap or interfere with the hover color if not thought through carefully. As in how do you show it when it is the current step but also currently hovered.

Another problem with color is that it might require yet another user preference to work correctly with all the themes. And we have too many options already.

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You are right I’ll think a bit more about it. I was pretty vague.

Right, then it’s definitely the dot one. I think there’s no need to overcomplicate the idea in scope. The intention is quite clear in there and as you said, leaves no room for confusion.

Now about the text… I don’t know. Earliest action? Earliest change? Farthest change? I’m not sure what word could replace ‘state’ a little bit more clearly and user-friendly.

Thanks! I’ll probably propose “Earliest State” for now - it can always be improved later if someone thinks of something better. It can’t be earliest “action” or “change” though as this is before you actually do anything. So one step before your first action.