Undo behavior

I noticed undo (ctrl+z) affects the tools/settings in the header (transform orientation, pivot point, snap, proportional editing). Is this intentional? In my opinion these rather global settings should not be affected by pressing undo…


I’ve been dealing with this too. Interestingly, 3D cursor position is unaffected by undo states (and better for it, imo).
This was quite the thorn when weight painting. Having to reset weight, brush strength, and size when you undo isn’t very desirable, in my estimation.


I usually have no issues with the sculpt workflow, but sometimes this issue just grinds the work down to a screeching halt.

I hope this gets fixed at some point in the near future. I actually I think the way Blender currently handles the brush system could use an overhaul in general, some things like not being able to open up a new brush in the Active Tool panel need to be ironed out too.

So much better than before, but still needs some love.