Tweening for 2D strokes in grease pencil

Hi there,
I’m not sure what I did but,
I just wanted to ask if there could be tweening implemented for the 2d strokes in grease pencil

Could you be more specific

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You mean like in Flash? Basically, all that’s required to make tweening work would be to implement Shapekeys for grease pencil strokes.
That shouldn’t be too hard, right?

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Yeah something like that.

Tweening means that the software inbetweens your drawings

Shape keys would be a great way of getting tweens done,also I had this concept idea of how to the tweening should work,just give some time I’ll give an explanation.

There is some tweening already, via the Interpolate operator, which creates new keyframes, so you can’t tweak f-curves after the fact. From my limited experimentation, it only works reliably when the strokes have the same number of vertices.

I think for a robust workflow, you’d want to have a way to mark which parts of the strokes should map onto each other.

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Just found out that there is a feature ,intrapolate.sorry to bother you guys but the shape key implementation would be a great thing for grease pencil

I have played around the interpolation and it it works quite well but there is is 1 problem, sometimes in in complex cases when I interpolate a stroke the software interpolates the stroke with any stroke that it wants and not the stroke that I want.
@Andrewc said so.there should be some system wherein we are able to tell or guide the software which strokes it should interpolate with, rather then interpolating with random strokes.