Tris to Quads Feature require improvement Discussion


I did some experiment on a simple plane with triangulation on top and quads in the bottom, here’s a picture below:

Now you should able to see what are the issues with “tris to Quads” feature. it’s not perfect as I thought it would be.

You can see the “Max Shape Angle” is 40 degree, I thought that’s where “tris to Quads” will remove/dissolve edges that have less than 40 degrees as you can see in the picture with red/green degree marked. But the rest is not right.

you can compare the top and bottom to see how the top should look like as what the bottom looks like.

We know that many people imported their models from other 3D/CAD software to Blender for many reasons like texturing and UV mapping. There are many people including myself who would use “Tris to Quads” on these imported models that are already triangulated after exporting.

I would like to ask for developers or anyone who can see if they can make some improvements on the feature. The ability of max angle should dissolve these edges accurately where a quad can have a right angle (90 degrees) or more.

sometimes a quad can have less than 50 degrees where they can make a perfect quad, a good example is below:

A is the general quad where it has less than 40 degrees and more than 90 degrees.

B and C are triangulated in different way.

B would have to have a max angle of 70+ degrees (see the red degrees) so the edge could be dissolved.

C would have to have a max angle of fewer than 40 degrees and the edge will be dissolved (see the red degrees as well)

there are a few ways to change Tris to Quads. I can see the coding can be tricky to account for these types of quads with the way they are triangulated.

anyone who has ideas that could improve the features is welcome as long as we can improve the features used in Blender. I hope this topic got anyone interested and join the discussion.