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Triangulate (Modifier,remesh etc) (Mesh tesselation)

Idk for why but for some reason the triangulate in Blender is strange if i compare with another software like Game engine or any other modeling software or render he looks better in other software why blender triangle is “Strange” like that ? The tesselation in blender looks not good i think :x

In blender :

Other software :

I really want understand why ??

You can use several options in the modifier, and the fixed one is the regular one, however that type of triangulation is similar to the one used in CAD programs for analysis such as the one generated by Gmsh.

Gmsh triangulation


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A triangulation is not a tesselation.
Triangulate modifier is just changing quads and ngons into triangles.

Triangulate modifier is not changing polycount like Decimate modifier or Subdivision modifier. Faces count may change but Tris count does not.

By default, Triangulate modifier is using Shortest Diagonal method, you can prefer to use Fixed method.


Fixed method give result like Gmsh as said (@PaoloFurani) ?
But btw i think a modifieer like tesselaation is a good idea :x

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Gmsh triangulation is a good triangulation for my own opinion is more “Conventional”

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The fixed option gives you a triangulation based on your topology, in fact this is the one used in games, where polygons count is important, and UV mapping need a easily unwrapping mesh with with straight edges, for a triangulation like Gmsh you can only have it when you use for example simulation of fluids, soft bodies or cloths, in Blender, this kind do not take into account the original topology, and destruct your mesh, is based on area or volumes, that type of triangulation is only useful in this way and for this reason it is used in specific fields such as simulation or in CAD programs for FEM analysis

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Alright i seen now :slight_smile: But now imagine everything is done, and i want go next in the sims parts… This topology is better as tou said ! why not integrate id in blender in the modifier ? :slight_smile: like this everybody as happy and can make everything 'Unwrap" and if he want change the topo for the sim he just need to move on Gmsh from the modifier :slight_smile:

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try this addon GitHub - blender-for-science/blendmsh: Blendmsh is a bridge between Blender 2.80+ and Gmsh, a fast and light 3D finite element mesh generator.

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Thank you but, why not directly inetgarte in blender ? is best way … Gmsh is fully OPS…

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LMAO GOOGLE SUMMER CODE : Google Summer of Code 2022 — Blender Developers Blog
The Gmsh topoloogy as evocated for softbody :slight_smile:

Section Soft body " The goal is to build a modular pipeline that will convert a surface mesh into a volumetric tetrahedral mesh using “Incremental Delaunay Method” that will be passed to the “Extended Position Based Dynamics (XPBD)” solver to simulate soft bodies."

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