Trasform tools may better show real pivot for bones (in edit mode)?

It is small things I know, but I hope “Uniform visualization” when use same tool frequently.
About Armature edit mode, we may often use rotation, sclae etc. hten pivot is matter.

At currrent transform tool seems not show translation pivot as same as selected options, untill we actually transform.

maybe it is temp status, but I hope keep same logic about same tool. I may prefer show true" pivot" when select transform (rotation tool). because it tell me, when I set wrong options. and I surely often set wrong option.

At current I actually need to transform once (then cancell,) to check pivot. And sorry really bad letters in pic, today I stick my “pen tab” in my drinking coffee, so I can not use pen,(mouse draw only, ):sob:


I agree. Pivot placement seems to be correct in pose mode. It is logic way to keep the same philosophy in edit mode.