Translation Workflow

Posting here, since was not able to log in to the Blender Chat.

With the switch to Gitea, has the workflow changed? I was not able to push my changes to the SVN, shall I just pull the Git repo and send a pull request? Or can we commit directly?

The workflow for translations has not changed, but the credentials are different:

We are planning to move to online translations with Weblate, but that has not happened yet:

Thanks for the reply. I created an account and used my username and password, but still getting authentication error. Do I need to clear any previous subversion cache or re-clone?

I used my exact username on and “subversion” as password. To be fair, Gitea assumed another username automatically for me, that might be the issue.

Please check the instructions here, the password is the token (a long string of characters and numbers) not “subversion”.

Ah, I missed the token itself, my bad. Sorry about that.

However, now I am getting this error:

svn: E175013: Access to ‘/svnroot/bf-translations/!svn/me’ forbidden

I’m not sure what the cause of that error is.

Did it ask for both your username and password, or was it perhaps using an old value for either? You can run svn commit --no-auth-cache to be sure it’s not using an old value.

Just to be sure, the username you used was bitigchi as on, and the password was the long token string of letters and numbers?

I am unable to use bitigchi as my username; since when I try to register with the website, it automatically assumed a username for me. I tried to change my details on the website, but since I deleted my previous account, it makes me wait for two weeks. Anyway, I can wait, no issues. The issue is identified at least.

Ah, that explains it then. There are two accounts, and then one you are using was not part of the translations team.

I added the other account as well now, I think that should make it work.

I feel so embarrassed posting about this again, since I’m again unable to set my username again in Gitea. I am unable to reach the account I’ve opened this thread with (which does not even matter at this point). I was just in the mood for some translation…

Basically, I need help in only setting bitigchi as my username for the account bitigchi ( The other account and the associated rights can be purged (emir_sari icloud). When I log-in with bitigchi (, Gitea just sets another username, that does not even pass the Complete Registration process. :frowning:

In order not to spam here, feel free to reply from my e-mail.

I’ve deleted the Emir-Sari account now.

For the rest, can you mail Blender ID support?