Help a Translator with Gitea

I need help with this new Gitea… thing.
I’m not a developer (big surprise), but I contribute translations. Unfortunately any and all related instructions, guides, manuals that I can find are specifically for developers and they leave a simple mortal more confused than before.
When I joined a year ago, I wrecked my head over what SVN repositories were and how to work with them, for the same reason. Somehow, after days of frustration I figured it out. Please don’t make me go through the same thing again. Somebody, please! explain in layman terms what I should do, step by step, in order to keep committing changes to the necessary language file. Please.

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You need to use a different password, and possibly different username (if it changed on

The instructions for how to generate a new password are here:


Edit: Nope. That wasn’t it.


It took me months to realize that commits were not actually working.
Seriously, I’m exhausted. I kept stealing free time minute by minute, taking time off my own work to go to a library, burying myself with professional documentations and dictionaries of specific terminology, creating the terminology that doesn’t exist in my language from the scratch, and I’ve been doing it alone. I managed to take it from Starting to In Progress but I just need help with a few lines or a few paragraphs of text to save me a bit of time and energy. Is there a Gitea for Blender contributions step-by-step instruction for non-developers anywhere? Or is it withheld on purpose to keep off people like me? 'Cause let me tell you, that’s an effective strategy.

I didn’t see your previous reply since it was an edit, which does not send notifications.

For solving the issue, we would need more information about exactly what is not working. Which user account are you using, which error message are you getting when trying to authenticate with the username and token, etc.

If we can’t get this sorted outed, attaching the translated file and getting one of the developers to commit it would be a temporary solution.

We are currently working on setting up a web based translation system where you wouldn’t have to deal with subversion or git at all, which should make this a lot easier.