Help a Translator with Gitea

I need help with this new Gitea… thing.
I’m not a developer (big surprise), but I contribute translations. Unfortunately any and all related instructions, guides, manuals that I can find are specifically for developers and they leave a simple mortal more confused than before.
When I joined a year ago, I wrecked my head over what SVN repositories were and how to work with them, for the same reason. Somehow, after days of frustration I figured it out. Please don’t make me go through the same thing again. Somebody, please! explain in layman terms what I should do, step by step, in order to keep committing changes to the necessary language file. Please.

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You need to use a different password, and possibly different username (if it changed on

The instructions for how to generate a new password are here:


I love you!
Thank goodness I asked here instead of diving into that sea of Git tutorials :sweat_smile: