Tracking the progress of AI Nodes

I would like to know how the project is focused on machine learning and neurai networks in Blender. Like neural network nodes. I don’t find updates easily. I only remember conversations.

There is no active AI nodes project by the core Blender development team. This is is a presentation by an independent developer, you’d have to contact them, but since this is from 2008 it’s almost certainly no longer active.

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Oh really? Wow! I am extremely misinformed. In fact, this link was one of the only examples I found. I will try to suggest this at the RCS. But honestly, I don’t think they’ll pay attention. Is there anyone who finds this type of node interesting? Even if it is for games and Blender’s own development, with some uses in art as the current denoiser, for example.

But thank you very much for the information!