Top Bar Toggle On/Off

Latest versions of Blender have become less usable thanks to the Top Bar (which I’m not sure where can be themed).

It is possible to turn it off by right click on header and “Show Tool Settings”> (unfortunately also with useful stuff)… maybe there could be option to turn off the top bar only? Or at least make me able to theme it to have transparent background.

Top Bar is great for newer users but it’s not that useful for users who look for as clean as possible UI. After nibbling through all possibilities in themes for 15 minutes I wasn’t able to find what setting it uses.

For now I am using the build from 26th April:(

Download last build…

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Nice, this must’ve happened sometime yesterday evening. Because I had the newest build for the screenshot:)

Still there is a problem that this is not possible to theme anywhere. At least I don’t know where it can be found. It isn’t in 3D view tab.

Not, right now we can touch the BG color or opacity.

But it’s normal, for eample we can change the values of the topbar, that actually doesn’t exist