Tools (Bisect, Knife, Spin, etc) need to remember settings in 2.8 like in 2.79

Have you ever created a crystal by repeatedly bisecting a cube down to the desired shape? Well if you try to do this in Blender 2.8, you have to manually check the ‘Fill’ and ‘Clear Outer’ boxes every single time you bisect, even if it’s immediately after the previous time. In Blender 2.79, these settings would be remembered until you closed and reopened the program.

In Blender 2.79, Spin would remember the angle to spin by, and the number of segments. In Blender 2.8 it doesn’t. You have to manually type them in every time you use it.

Basically, all of these tools need to act the same way Bevel currently does. If you bevel something, the next time you use the tool, it will use the same Profile, Segments, Miters, etc as the previous time you use it.

Please restore this functionality to these tools. There are other tools that should remember settings. Shrink/Fatten should remember if you’ve checked Even Offset, for example


I like all the content of the post…
And my suggestion …

  • some functionality to restore setting to default for that’s tool.

If you want the bisect tool to remember the “Fill Outer”-option, you have to turn it on in the active tool and workspace settings in the properties editor:

That isn’t really consistent behavior Gottfried. Bevel currently remembers what you put in the F9, or as you put it, ‘to be forgotten’ box. At the very least this behavior should be consistent across tools, and I think that as in 2.79, Blender should tend towards remembering your most resent settings in that box, which is much more easily accessible because it automatically comes up after you perform the action.

I cannot confirm that Bevel remembers the settings. At least not when using it from the tool shelf as a gizmo.
In general when using the Gizmos, only the settings in the active tool and workspace settings will be remembered. The settings in the F6-Menu are remembered when using the shortcuts.

This isn’t consistent either. Spin remembered settings in 2.79 when using the old Alt + R shortcut. I have not been able to get spin to remember settings in 2.8 even when manually binding mesh.spin to a shortcut again.