Tool - Terrain System - Design

So we can use new weld modifier to do magical things

this will make giant scenes in blender possible and fast.

I am using a kdtree to get tile locations that need filled - in order of distance - and fill them a few per frame to stream my game in upbge.

I purpose the core developers do the same but on a much larger scale

potentially 3 levels of detail / 3 copies of the system and using alpha clip to mix them would be best

when a tile is ‘loaded in’ assets pinned to the tile also load in

with a system like this we can make vast scenes render very quickly / sculpt on giant patches of planet.
this also has built in system to accelerate sculpting.

the kdtree can quickly yield the tiles in a radius, and each tile uses a ‘Tile kdtree’ and the hitpoint localized to return what vertex will be effected and how far away they are.

returnFromBigTree =  bigKdtree.find_range(point,radius)

allEffected = []
for kd_key in returnFromBigTree:
    kdtree = TileKdTree
    tile  = worldTiles[kd_key[1]]
    effected = kdtree.find_range( tile.worldTransform.inverted() @ hitPoint ,radius)
    allEffected.append( (tile, effected))


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