Tool Shortcuts and quick accessibility

After using Blender 2.8x since it’s late Beta state I only just now learned that a to me pretty important aspect is implemented but hidden in the current Build. Don’t know how long it’s been there, now.

  1. The T-Shef should display the assigned tool shortcuts when it’s expanded wide enough
  2. The travel distance to the t-shelf by mouse is too far to be productive for a long time. So a quick access and the Shortcuts would be the most important thing to have.

Turns out both of this is already here and hidden very well or even completely inaccessible if you select one of the default shortcuts for the Space key.

Space or Shift + Space can display a quick access to the T-shelf tools unless you have set space to seach box. In that case Space and F3 double for the Search box and the Tools Quick Access is completely blocked by default unless you know it’s there and assign a shortcut of your own.

Since this setting is one of the startup settings Blender asks with a fresh install it’s easy to block yourself from it, unknowingly.

And I am not the only one not to know this. Here’s the topic this originates from:


  • It’s not ideal but maybe at least if Space is set to search either make F3 the tool access or another combination like Alt-Space
  • Maybe have the tooltip not only come up for the tools button itself and maybe describe it a little better for people who don’t know what this actually is. This is general enough to justify more context, I’d say.
  • either way still have the T-Shelf show the currently assigned shortcuts if it’s expanded far enough. It’s easiest to get this into muscle memory when having a constant reminder until you can collapse it and use as is. Also good to quickly check if something needs assignment.