Titleless Tab in Properties Window

There is no title for the selected tab. The image bellow should be Object Properties and in the second row Cube .
If you click from Object Properties Tab down to Object Constraint Properties the title doesn’t change. Quite weird.


Simply get the title back. Now the only way to see the tab name is to mouse over for a while in the tabs. Not ideal.



Someone brought this up in the Papercuts last week too.
A short discussion started from here: Blender UI paper cuts

I made a mockup with title and context descriptor in a single row. I also put simplified context infobars to the vertical tablist for a quicker orientation and reordered the icons.


(I realize this thread is some months old, it just got mentioned to me.)

What’s you see in the header is actually not meant as a title, it’s the data-path. It’s an indicator for pinned data-blocks (a rather rarely used feature I think). Basically if you use the pin icon on the right, the Properties show data from the pinned data-block, not the active object.

Having the data-path there was actually meant as temporary solution when I added the vertical tabs, until we have a proper search box to put there:

Mockup by @billrey, for more info, see T71185.

I’m not so sure about adding the name to the header. We don’t do that anywhere else and space is little there. There are other things we can do to make the tab names more clear though, e.g. the tooltips could work more like in the toolbar:

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@julianeisel: Overall the vertical button list is quite unique in blender, at least to some degree. And its perhaps the most important control panel. So why not doing it like this to make it easier to grasp and leave the search field away until someone starts to type with the mouse hovering over the Properties Panel. The Header could then switch to displaying the search field. Somehow like the windows 10 startmenu does it. You could also add a button with a magnifying glass somewhere to make the search function easier discoverable.