Titan Z Graphic Card Crash with eevee on blender 2.8


I had a hardware graphic card crash (Nvidia Titan Z) with eevee on blender 2.8. With a lot of graphic artefacts !!!
I had to brut force shutdown my machine.
My OS is Archlinux and the version of blender 2.8 was blender-2.80-c052d38d0a5 of 24 October 2018
The driver Nvidia is 390.48 with opengl 4.6

glxinfo | grep “OpenGL version”
OpenGL version string: 4.6.0 NVIDIA 390.48

Would the crash come from my version of opengl ?
Blender 2.8 was designed with the opengl 3.3 version

Will it be necessary to update the nvidia driver to version 410.66 ?

Please report bugs in the tracker:

It may help to upgrade to the latest driver versions, but it’s hard to say without information on when exactly the crash happens.

I wanted to do it a the first time but actually, i don’t have access of the crash informations to report clearly in the tracker.

Ok, well I’m not aware of any known general issues with this graphics card. So for us to do anything would require some information on how to reproduce the problem, like a .blend file and steps to redo the crash. A crash log is nice if you have it, but not required.