Timeline Particles Start&End

Everyone that uses particles in Blender can relate to this
And it’s going to be a very simple fix (I believe).

Assume my render timeline is [Start: 1 End: 250]
If I set my Start to 300, End will automatically set itself to 300

But in the ParticleSystem
If Start: 1 and End : 1
If I set Start to any number greater than End, it doesn’t apply
It will only work if I set ‘End’ first, then go back and set start

If I set ‘Start’ to 300, ‘End’ should automatically set itself to 300
After which I would press ‘tab’ and set my new ‘End’ (if i want a new end, which in most cases, I don’t)

Anyway, that’s basically it
God bless you guys for this awesome platform
I feel like a contributor :smile:

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