Timeline key-frames can be made to disappear during mouse grab

I was just noticing that if you Middle mouse grab the timeline with key-frames in it, you can inadvertently scroll them right out of view. Is this ideal, or expected behavior?

It’s certainly not ideal. The scrolling does stop after the keyframes go out of view, so it should be possible to fix this.

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To make keyframes editable into Timeline, solution used was to remove old timeline editor and disguise a dopesheet into a Timeline.

So basically, Timeline has ability to display several channels as in Dopesheet.
To review those channels in an editor limited in terms of vertical space ; you need to be able to scroll vertically.
Currently, in dopesheet, there are operators to move up or move down selected channel.
But it would be interest to have operators to vertically focus view on next / previous channel combined with a kind of lock for vertical scrolling.

I thought that it felt suspiciously like a Dopesheet :slight_smile:

From an OOP POV, I guess you just need to create a descendant class of the Dopesheet, but one that doesn’t allow this vertical scrolling (ie: Lock the Y axis), and then change the instantiation of the timeline to this new class?

The idea behind that was to be able to move keyframes quickly.
In Timeline, you can open Source region and open summary and use filter to limit showed keyframes.

In fact, if you switch between Timeline and Dopesheet in the same area, use Dopesheet filters and go back to Timeline. Timeline uses Dopesheet filters.

I don’t know if it was used by Spring team. But it is quite common in other pieces of software where you can edit keyframes into Timeline to have some filters available.

If animators could share how far they used dopesheet abilities into timeline, that would probably help to define what timeline should handle and what it should not handle.

We don’t need to be able to lock the Y axis, but the scrolling bounds should be set correctly so it doesn’t scroll out of view. It’s more a bug really.

Good to know. Reported here.