There is no way to select any brush from one place in 2.8

Honestly, I would consider it a bug at this point. In 2.79 I can access all my brushes by clicking the brush thumbnail, by pie menus or by clicking a shortcut to brush options (VIEW3D_MT_sv3_brush_options). I have all my brushes under 1 click. In 2.8 brushes are grouped (?) in a weirdest way possible: by the default brush they are derived from.

So not only I am 3 (!!!) clicks away to get to any brush other than the defaults (because I have to switch to, for example, clay strips, THEN I have to click on the brush thumbnail and THEN I can select the brush I want), but I also can’t change that. This is ridiculous. Even worse, this doesn’t make any sense to group brushes this way. I have a lot of texture brushes that serve one purpose - to add textured look - but they are derived from different default brushes. Some are made from clay strips, some from clay buildup, some from crease, mask etc. In 2.7 they all have “tex_” prefix, so they stay grouped up. In 2.8 they’re all scattered among default brushes. This is just unusable. I don’t even remember which default brushes they’re derived from, because it doesn’t matter for the purpose they serve.

The philosophy for 2.8 seems to be “we know better what you need and we won’t let you change that”, the exact opposite of what Blender was and what every open source software should be.


Yes, this is a known issue we are complaining for a while now, but unfortunately we are not getting any answers.

Generally most of the changes happening to the brushes/sculpt mode workflow etc, are really problematic and counter-intuitive. Not sure why they are doing this.

I hope the devs can do something about it.


I’m downloading blender builds everyday to check if this problem is fixed. :weary:

Why? What’s going on?

I agree 100%.