The use of mirror editing options in edit mode

Is there a reason why the mirror editing options in Blender don’t work with the majority of the tools?

To be honest i expected them to work with Extrude,Bevel,Loopcut…etc but instead it’s only the transform tools and some of the position changing ones ,like Edge/vert Slide,Push & Pull…

The Offest edge Loopcut is having weird problem though, not sure if it’s a bug or due to this “limitation”.

It is a limitation to transform tools.
Because there is a limitation to existing geometry at the moment to search what is symmetrical to current selection.

You are mentioning tools that are generating geometry.
They can require a specific selection to work or not.
They can have a different behavior according to selection.
Some like loopcut can use pre-selection highlighting.

So, that would probably require to analyze every tool, one by one, to find a solution specific to it.

Offset Edge Loopcut like Loopcut and Slide is a tool that generates geometry and then transform it.
So, here, geometry is not generated by mirroring option but sliding is still accepted for one edge.
Edge Slide is an operator on its own.
I don’t know if that will be easy to make an exception to ignore mirroring for Offset Edge Loopcut.

Well i figured that is a limitation of the tools but my question that it could be improved.

This is standard in most 3d Apps and Blender shouldn’t be an exception, this “behaviour” of mirror editing should be consistent across the program, for example Armature tools work with mirror editing, you can extrude bones,shear…, so to not have it working in mesh objects seems like a broken feature.